Hovering between worlds, Nick Martin is a composer/musician/singer who no matter what he turns his attention to strives for a naked emotional honesty and a search for the spiritual. His music is sensitive, often filled with a melancholic longing, and within a single piece can range from intimate solo synth to lush orchestral textures and choir arrangements. He grew up playing and studying classical music, though has always had his heart in the mountains and forests filled with birdsong and folk music. Over the past ten years, he has slowly fallen into the borderlands where musical wildflowers grow out of the cracks in traditions. Martin has made his home in Copenhagen, where he established the group ‘Thou Art a Vessel’, which comprises musicians and singers from folk, jazz, classical and Armenian traditions.


Between 2015-18, Martin composed and recorded music for his debut record, ‘Separation’, which will be released on 27th June 2018, on the label Gotta Let It Out.



tlf. : +45 52 82 41 19

email : nickmartinhome [at] gmail [dot] com