It’s July 2016. The thick greenness, too-muchness, drowsy drunkenness of summer is sliding into a hectic entropy. Nature is eating itself. I feel so alone, and yet in-sync with the world I think is heading towards collapse…

I’m sitting in my apartment in Helsinki bawling my eyes out, and laughing through sobs. I’ve just received a package containing a DVD, sent out of the blue from my dear childhood friend Mark, of a deeply resonant series ‘Flowers’, an unusually naked, emotionally saturated morbid comedy-drama written & directed by Will Sharpe. A hand reaches out to me, tearing away numb scar-tissue I had built around myself, revealing a very vulnerable and sad young boy. What a relief to feel again. The heaviness gives way and the heavens open, a torrential downpour leaves everything cooler, sober, more sensitive. Now it’s possible to breathe again.

There are rare moments like these that re-enchant one to the mysteriousness of life; an occasion of Synchronicity.

As a sign of respect and gratitude I named the fifth track of my record ‘Flowers’.