I’m making a new record, and have several working titles. As yet I am undecided on a word or short sentence that nails it, my ideas only really being connected at an unconscious level… One that sticks right now is ‘Terroir’

I see my work as slowly making the unconscious conscious; a kind of archeology, discovering/rediscovering lost artefacts, in drowned landscapes… Essentially, the music and words I’ve been writing over the past half year connect to a long process of introspection, and reflection about:

Attachment, formation and sense of identity (Self and Other), place, adaptation, psychology/ecology, pathology, topographies of trauma, ambient abuse, double binds, the nature of self-regulating systems, (what is nature?), processes of healing/regeneration, geological time (deep time).

My recent thoughts have been strongly influenced by the books I’ve read this year: ‘Steps to an Ecology of Mind’ by Gregory Bateson, ‘Small Arcs of Larger Circles’ by Nora Bateson, ‘Chaos’ by James Gleick, ‘Attachment in psychotherapy’ by David J.Wallin, ‘Playing and Reality’ by D.W. Winnicott, ‘The Patterning Instinct’ by Jeremy Lent, ‘Hyperobjects’ by Timothy Morton, ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections’ by C.G.Jung, ‘How forests think’ by Eduardo Kohn, ‘The mushroom at the end of the world’ by Anna Lowenhaupt Tzing, ‘Wildwood’ by Roger Deakin