Separation is Nick Martin’s debut record, a double LP, comprising music written and recorded over a four year span, begun whilst living in Finland, and completed in Denmark, the music maps a journey through a dark period in Martin’s life. The record is divided into two collections, ‘Fatherland’ and ‘Matres’, which form a work that is symphonic in scale and range of emotion.

The central idea behind this record is that of archetypal parental figures – the feminine and masculine – inspired by the work of C.G.Jung.

Matres and Fatherland are two separate cycles of pieces, which together form a pair. Where Matres deals with the need for safety against the two external threats – that of abandonment and conversely of engulfment – the imagery I use is of a feminine sanctuary, a mythical garden, with war raging outside, and the fantasy of finding wholeness through the the darkness of night, Fatherland is a rite of passage; a journey away from the sanctuary out into the dawn horizon, in search for the ancestral fathers.

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