Thou Art a Vessel

A Copenhagen based ensemble of musicians specialising in ancient and modern sacred music


Formed in January 2018, ‘Thou Art a Vessel’ has already performed two concerts with two different programmes, and recorded music to be released on Nick Martin’s debut album ‘Separation’ in June 2018. The ensemble consists of seven musicians from different musical traditions, including Armenian classical music, European classical and church music, Swedish folk, and jazz. The musicians bring these rich influences to their work together, playing music that spans ages and cultures in the hope that it’s power, beauty and deep humanity can provide hope in the current situation we face in the world.

Ensemble consists of the following musicians:

Arsen Petrosyan – Duduk
Ania Rybacka – Vocalist
Lo Ersare – Vocalist
Hanne Marie le Fevre – Vocalist
Nicole Hogstrand – Viola da Gamba
Mikkel Schreiber – Baroque viola
Nick Martin – Keyboards

CONCERTS in 2018

29th May, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen

29th January, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen